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Monica Bonzano transcribes in images the vulnerability of beings who apparently refuse themselves in their complex and restless existence.

Monica's hand runs on paper with spontaneous and graceful awareness without making noise.


It creates a peculiar intimacy between the artist and his creatures as if they were vividly present in the real world of Monica. They are identity disturbed by a lack, a fault, an imperfection and perennial dissatisfaction.


The shades of color outline the mood of the character by increasing the expressiveness of the gesture, Monica's work is based on the instability of being.


The creative path of Monica develops through a narration of the self that creates a reaction between inside and outside.

Emotions take shape to alleviate and communicate the unspeakable.


But who are these creatures?

They are unknown hidden parts also in Monica, that come out of play and necessity.


The impulses that animate the self are not constantly dominable, and thanks to that "The Creatures" that govern our unconscious are born. 

They are anthropomorphic, they suffer show an emotional decline, they bow to the passing time, they love, they spit sentences they reject the wrongdoings. But they also know how to be nice and above all they do not bother anyone.

Anna Dusi Curator


Monica Bonzano born in Italy, where she started her creative education. After Art School and Fashion Designer Masters, she started working as illustrator and then as fashion designer for several companies. In her early career Monica shows a strong technical skill in drawing, learning love for the sign: most of all she is interested in the line, not shading painting. She spent more than twenty years in the fashion industry working on the creation of clothing collections, but her true passion is to find a personal language in art. She is inspired by fashion photography, she is interested in the modern, decadent and intimate atmosphere with female images. His "heroines" show their emotional states, so strong to deform the aesthetics and give unconventional beauty. So her heroines are born: fragile and thoughtful little creatures. 

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